Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meal-Plan... Wednesday???

I didn't get to my meal planning this week, but that doesn't mean my family has been neglected. It just slipped by me. Sometimes time just flies, ya know?

So far this is what's been and will be planned:

Monday: Rice and hot dogs

Tuesday: Heart-shaped biscuits w/ sausage gravy

Wednesday: Pizza Night at PAT

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo

Friday: Homemade pizza?

Saturday: All I'm planning for this day is a trip to Jamba... mmmm... we'll scramble something together for dinner. Why?? Well, Mr. B works at night, so we won't get a date out for V-day or anything, so we might as well take a family day trip to Jamba Juice. We'll all enjoy the little splurge!

Sunday: L-O-V-E day... I've yet to come up with a meal for this day. I've gotta talk to Mr. B and see what he wants to do.

Can you see it's hard for me to plan meals when Mr. B is working at nights? The only night he had off this week was last night, and I just don't feel like making some big meal when it's just the little lady and I. And I don't think she minds. We still eat. We still have fun.

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