Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Book #6: The Total Money Makeover

This book is awesome! READ IT! SERIOUSLY. No matter how old or young you may be.

I am so pumped up about finances after reading it, and I can't even do it all yet! This guy definitely knows what he's talking about, and I am so excited to have found out about him while we're still young. Though, we've got years of school left, where loans will accumulate (if only we knew about Dave when we were 10), we can apply the first basic steps and stick to a budget now so that by the time we do have a steady income, we can already be started and on our way to living right, financially!

"It is human nature to want it and want it right now; it is also a sign of immaturity. Being able to delay pleasure for a greater result is a sign of maturity."

"We have to remind ourselves that delaying a purchase doesn't mean we will never have it. ... Trusting God, timing, patience, and preparation are everything, though, when it comes to gaining financial peace."

***Oh, and I just have to pause here a minute, and give myself a big pat on the back! My reading goal for this year is to read a book a month, so a total of 12 books... Well it's the third month, and I'm already halfway to my goal! I thought it'd be hard because since graduating with my bachelor's I didn't really have a desire to read for pleasure much, - I think all those textbooks burnt me out- and it was really hard to get myself to enjoy it again, even my beloved Harry Potter took a couple tries before getting excited about them again... but now I'm reading a lot and often and so many different topics that it is so fun! Who knows how many I'll actually get to this year! I'm on fire!

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  1. If you ever want/need a good book recommendation, let me know!