Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am 35 weeks pregnant.

I have some borrowed maternity shirts from my sister and two pairs of pants (one for work (also my sister's), the other jeans) that I wear. My sister and I are built just a little differently so her shirts never seem to be long enough for me.

I bought some maternity shirts the first time around but somehow have misplaced them, and can't find them anywhere. And I have looked everywhere!

This has been very frustrating to me, especially Sunday mornings when I'm trying to find something for church, which doesn't put me (or my family) in good spirits as we walk out the door.

You wouldn't think clothes would be such a big deal, but they are.

I'm not trying to sound vain here. I just want to make a point.

This weekend I was able to find a few more maternity clothes. It kinda stinks spending the money because I only have a month to go, but... I do plan on having more children, and I tried to get items that will work for nursing too so hopefully I'll get a little more use out of them now than just one month.

But it is amazing how much better having the 'right' item of clothing can make you feel when you know it fits well and looks good. I just feel so much better in the morning, knowing I have 1.) a choice and 2.) something that fits my protruding belly like it should. And Mr. B is happy about it too. He's told me every day since that it's so nice to see me in something new and how good I look. :) And that sure makes my day!

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  1. I was explaining this to David the other day. Clothing is powerful for women. If we have clothing that we feel comfortable and cute in, we are so much happier. (I'm glad this isn't just me!)