Friday, March 5, 2010

Diaper Bargain!

I am very excited about this!

I came across a deal on through another blog, if you're a new customer, which I am.
I've often thought about trying it out, seeing as I have a few friends who get their diapers through this Web site, but I think waiting until now to sign-up was the best bargain I could've ever gotten!

As the birth of our little man approaches, I keep thinking of how much money we will be spending on diapers for two children now, and I keep thinking that we should start stocking up ahead of time for those newborn ones.

Well, just today I ordered 270 diapers (Newborn and size 1/2) through, and when all is said and done, my end price for those diapers will be $27.01 - that's like 10 cents a diaper! Awesome! I love a good deal!

If you've never ordered through, sign up! Enter my referral code - GRBU5991 - and you can save $10 on your first order too! Plus if you print off this rebate form, you can save another $14.97!

...and if you purchase over $50 on P&G products (which Pampers diapers counts) between now and April 15, 2010, you qualify for P&G's $100 coupon book. Go here to read about it and get yours!

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  1. Hey I have a question about this deal, is the rebate a $14.97 rebate like they send you money back or is it just a free subscription to the magazine that is worth $14.97.