Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Eyes

Sometimes I wish I still had "little eyes." You know, eyes like a child.
Innocent and sweet.

Things have been really good lately in our family. (I think the fact that school is finished for a time has helped with that). But as I sat watching my husband and daughter interacting today, I realized he is her hero. No matter what, he is everything she needs him to be, and she thinks the world of him. Always.

...and then I thought about my own perspective of my husband. He is my hero. He works hard to provide as well as he can while in school. He is a wonderful father and is always there to give me a break when I need one. He doesn't complain about cleaning up our place or having to step over my messes or our daughter's toys. And yet, knowing all this, it can still be so easy for me sometimes to get frustrated with him and look at him with the most "un-little eyes" possible.

Why is that? What changes us so much when we grow up and become adults that we find it so easy to find faults and differences in others, especially those closest to us? ...Or maybe it's just me... I am grateful for these kinds of moments like I had today that remind me of what life is really about and of how happy we can be when we focus on the good.

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