Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raw Chicken

I hate it.

It's probably that fact alone that I sometimes avoid making meals with chicken in them, unless I have a bag of frozen tenderloins in the freezer that don't require me to cut them up for the recipe.

But today as I was looking through a cooking magazine, I read a very great idea and wondered why I had never thought of it before...

When you find a good sale, buy the raw chicken, cook it immediately (boil or whatever), then shred or cube it right then and there, portion out into bags to the amount you use for recipes and freeze it. Not only can I avoid dealing with too much raw chicken, but I'll be a step ahead of myself - as I'll be able to prepare meals quicker!

Now isn't that a great idea?

1 comment:

  1. I do that with hamburger. I buy in bulk, season it and brown it then put in baggies in the freezer. It thaws so easily and saves sooooo much time. Sad thing is I only figured it out last year. Too bad I didn't figure it out 30 years ago. Saved myself a WHOLE BUNCH of time