Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Book #1: Princess Academy

One of my goals for this year (like last year) is to read a book a month. I'm hoping to be a little more diligent this time around since I didn't actually get into reading again until about August of last year!

I finished my first book of the new year, though, last night. I had never read one by Shannon Hale (click her name to go to her Web site) before, but I think I'd like to read more. 'Princess Academy' was such a cute, uplifting story. It wasn't a typical "princess" story, and though Mr. B kept poking fun at me thinking I was all enthralled with some love story it wasn't that at all! Definitely one I'll be recommending to my daughter when she's old enough to read.

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  1. You should definitely read her "goose girl" series. AWESOME!!!