Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the first time...

in my married life, I feel like I actually have a handle on housework. And it feels awesome! I've never been one to keep things entirely neat and orderly all the time. I mean, I love the feeling of a clean home and not having to worry about housework, but it's always been a struggle for me. It is just way to easy for me to let clutter build up and get in a hurry and not put things away as soon as I'm done with them, or let my laundry sit and do it when I absolutely must.


This has changed, and I hope for the good.

For the past couple weeks, I have actually been on top of almost every little thing in my home - laundry, dishes, meals, toys, the bathroom, our bedroom (which is always the last to get cleaned), and it is a great feeling! I love waking up in the morning and having very minimal (if I didn't do it the night before) work to do. I can get started on breakfast and not have to groan about the pile of dishes still in the sink. We can start out our day with a clean floor, ready to be scattered with toys. We can find clothes to wear with no hassle. Mr. B doesn't have to grumble about my stuff being strewn all over the bathroom counter. I don't have to panic and apologize if someone randomly stops by. I love it!

...and this isn't to say we don't make messes anymore, it's just that I think I've finally trained myself enough to take care of them as they happen (a no-brainer I know) and to take this "job" I have just as serious as I would with any other employer. I mean, after all, I never leave my desk at work cluttered but rather very neat, tidy and organized. So why not treat my home and family with the same respect? I'm sure I'll have my days here and there where I will feel tired and lazy and just don't feel up to doing certain household tasks, especially after the new little one comes, but I hope this is something that always sticks with me now, and I can continue to enjoy and take pride in.

**As a side note, I must also add that this does not mean I have absolutely no cluttered spaces in my home anymore because I most certainly do. You know, those few little shelves with piles (which I've so-conveniently hid behind a curtain) that you just can't seem to dwindle down? Yeah, I've still gotta work on that type of thing... But I am feeling pretty darn good at my start.**

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  1. Don't want to put a cloud on your wonderful blog here, but couldn't help but chuckle a bit thinking,
    "new little brother on his way in a few mos. will certainly change the serenity of this entry." But...
    it's very good while it can last. Such fun and high adventures ahead as you journey forward on the motherhood experience.