Sunday, January 10, 2010

A full heart.

I've heard a lot of young moms express how with their second child they wondered if they'd have enough love for another baby in their hearts. My mom's also always told me this, how when I get ready for another, I'll wonder the same thing, but she's assured me that I'll always have more love for another.

So because I've always heard this, I don't think the fact of having enough love has really ever been a concern of mine. (It was more of how am I going to raise a son?)

But lately I've been thinking about how much I really do love my little miss. She brings Mr. B and I both so much joy, and our lives are so rich because she is a part of it.

And when considering that, I guess the biggest thing I think about now is how much more full my heart will be after one more (or two or three)... I just can't imagine feeling so much love for each child we have.

My heart will be so full!


  1. Thanks for writing this blog. I love it!

  2. I too enjoy checking this blog, it's like my little dose of Gena, I miss our convos about all this stuff! But it's so true, your heart will be so full of love...there is no doubt. When I was pregnant with Baylie I had all my focus still on Mckyla so it was, sad to say, harder to bond with the little one in my womb because you just dont have a lot of time to focus like you did with your first. I was worried how my bond would be with her. But all those thoughts vanished once she was born. Your love really does grow with each child, it's wonderful. They don't have to share your love at all, they each get all of your love (I know the math doesn't work on that one, but it's true!). I'm excited for you! anyways, I know I'm no expert on all this, but I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that our moms are right when they tell us those things! =)

  3. Oh my goodness, I constantly am thinking about how my heart is going to burst at the seams when we have another. My eyes were tearing up just watching Kaden in the play area at the mall today, thinking of how much he fills my heart. I really cannot imagine having any more joy than I have already. Sometimes my heart is so full just from him, I think that I only want to have him and only him. No more children because I simply cannot love any more than I already do.

  4. I too always wonder how I'm going to love our new baby as much as I love Kennady, but I know it's just going to happen. It's natural & my heart will be even fuller.

  5. I love this entry and just know it to be so true. Your heart will be so full: beautiful new jewels in your motherhood crown. They will bring some pains and sorrows, but enrich your life forever. And then... the most special gift of grandchildren! :-)