Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm sure many of you have heard of Dave Ramsey, a financial guru who is helping people become debt-free and financially stable left and right.

I think his advice is awesome. I have not read his book yet, but I hope to one of these days. But I've heard bits and pieces of his radio program and scoured his Web site. Though, we're not at a stage in our lives (no real income, poor students) to fully follow his baby steps, we are working on the ones that we can, and it's empowering to know we can stick to a budget, cut costs where we can and see a difference in our financial situation, even now.

I want more than anything right now to be completely debt-free, but it's just not going to happen at this stage in our lives.

I just got to thinking today (we often have his radio program on while we're here in the office.) when my co-worker said he wished he had "the discipline to follow Dave Ramsey's plan" of how ironic it can be that even if we really want something and think it is so good, we can have a hard time actually doing it.

I think it's a life-long lesson to master ourselves, especially defining between our needs and our wants. This can be especially difficult with finances sometimes, but I also know of the self-fulfillment that comes from self-discipline and learning to live within our means without giving into our wants so often.

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