Monday, January 4, 2010

Not just a coincidence.

I don't think it was just a conincidence that while reading my scriptures on New Year's Day, I happened to be in 1st Nephi in the Book of Mormon. (I've recently resolved to read this book in 90 days), and it just so happened that the verse I was reading had a footnote I wanted to look up, and it just so happened to take me to the word "objectives" in the Topical Guide. I thought, "Wow! This is amazing." Because under that word I found so many "objectives" that could be mine, or already were mine, for this new year.

It made me think of that talk by Elder Bednar, The Tender Mercies of the Lord. I know this wasn't a huge deal, and maybe it's too much to think it's even a tender mercy, but I don't think it was just pure coincidence. I think the Lord was directing me to read more in depth about some of the goals I've made and to also ponder some topics that I should make part of my goals too.

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