Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not the kind you eat.

The kind that send any child (or adult) into a fit of giggles when performed on your neck.

They're a fond memory of bedtime tuck-in time with my mom. I hated it for the tickles it gave me, but I loved it because they were from my mom, and they were fun.

And now I do them to my little girl. And she loves them and hates them all at the same time, just like I did. She stretches her little neck out so I can get to her easily (she'll learn), and then as soon as I start she just goes crazy with laughter, trying to get me to stop!

She's so fun. I love her.


  1. Good memories, and one day - oh so soon - she'll be sharing the same w/ her little daughter. You will
    be surprised how quickly the time passes. They sure don't stay small for long. You're a good mama, and I love reading your blogs. XOXO