Friday, February 19, 2010

Warming up!

The sun has been out the past couple days. And trust me, warming up to the low 3o's is more than welcomed right now! I love it! It feels great, and I only hope it's here to stay. I don't think I would handle another cold/snow spell so well. It's just great to see the roads become clear (though the sides and all the grass are still more than covered) and feel like days at the park are that much closer in sight! I love springtime!

I wonder if I'd appreciate it so much if I didn't go through winter? I mean, as much as I do not like the ridiculously-cold weather and outrageous amounts of snow all around me for four months plus, I am grateful for it because I think it makes me love spring that much more. I love seeing the snow slowly melt away, the trees start to turn green and flowers begin to bud. And I love the warmer temps that slowly but surely rise to a temp I sometimes can't handle, unless, of course, I have a snow cone (or something of the like) in hand!

Oh springtime and summer! I cannot wait!

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