Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuck-in Time

I love being tucked in.

I think it was one of my most favorite things as a kid (and it still is).

I loved when I was all ready for bed, and my mom would come lay beside me - to talk, read books, pray and give me hugs (which usually included raspberries). And when she'd get up to leave, I'd whine and pull on her arm and beg her not to go...

Even still, when I go home, if Mr. B isn't with me, I ask my mom to come tuck me in - to lay beside me, to talk and talk and talk... way longer than either of us were hoping to stay awake. And if Mr. B is with me, I make sure I get to say goodnight to my mom, whether it's just a hug before she slips into her room or by going into her room to talk and talk and talk.

I hope I can create that same kind of memory for my children. I can't wait (well I can) until my little girl gets into a big bed and I can lay beside her to read books and pray and have her share her thoughts and feelings with me at the end of the day.

I love our bedtime routine we've already started. I love reading books with her on the couch and singing songs and having her say, "How 'bout?" after each one but never really deciding on one. I love that she is recognizing the pattern in which we pray and read scriptures as a family and how she folds her little arms because she knows it's important to us. I love how she tries to prolong actually going into her room by grabbing or asking for anything in sight. I love how she finally gives in and gives her daddy a big hug and kiss before coming to me so I can take her to her room. I love having her arms squeezed tight around me and her head snuggled into my neck as I sing just one more "las shong." I love her tiny little belly laughs when I try to blow raspberries on her neck or give butterfly kisses to her cheeks. I love how she says, "no, no, no" so sweetly and shakes her head when she knows I really am going to put her in her crib. I don't love, however, the look of sadness she gives me and the tears that come when I finally do put her down and have to walk out the door. But that's all part of the routine too.

I hope she knows that I enjoy those last minutes of the day together just as much as she does. And that if I really didn't need a break and sleep of my own, I'd hang on to her all night.


  1. Very sweet - brought tears. You're a very good mommy and a wonderful daughter too. I love you - eternally!!! Aren't we so lucky to know/have that??? XOXO

  2. Oh, you two....makes me cry like a baby.....