Thursday, April 1, 2010

A bit overwhelmed!

Last night on the eve of the birth month (hopefully) of our little boy, I laid awake thinking of everything that needs to be done in order to be ready for his debut: wash/sort/put away his clothes (find room for them first would be a start), pack a hospital bag, make sure my toenails are painted (very important), have a bag/notes/house key ready to go for whoever will be taking Avie (probably what I'm most nervous about), oh, and pick a name! Maybe it doesn't sound like too much right now, but laying in bed at midnight I kinda started to get a bit overwhelmed!

I just feel like these next four weeks (can I say that again, just four weeks) are going to fly by, and I'm going to be a mother of two before I know it! Then I start realizing the timing of it all - with Mr. B being out of school this semester it's been so nice to have him home during the days (when he works nights) and home in the evenings (when he works days). I know he's been super busy, but he really hasn't had any other commitments (besides church and work) outside our family. It's been so nice to have him all to ourselves, if you will. And then I realize the timing of my due date, that it's a week after the semester begins, and I will be finding myself going from one child with a husband who is around a lot to two children and a husband who must keep himself put up in the library for hours on end. It is going to be a huge adjustment, and I just hope I can make it! I might have a lot of breakdowns, and I'll probably be saying a lot of prayers.


  1. Dear, Dear Gena....lay awake no longer. You are so up to this and ready to be a FINE Mother of two. You are very blessed with your hard working and schooling husband & Dad and the Good Lord watching out for you....and both of those children will be so happy to have the wonderful, dear Mommy they were blessed with. Love you, Aunt Kathie

  2. Gena, You will be a wonderful new mommy. Avie will be your buddy for the rest of your life. She'll be the big sister that helps you get through all the rest of them :-) You have a very special bond w/ her and you are such a good mama. You'll handle this new one just fine and those hereafter. Don't worry your little mind about it. You are a very conscientious mother and it will all be good. Not to worry - just have faith! You are entering into a new adventure w/ many blessings, trials and tests ahead. You'll do just fine! XOXO