Friday, April 9, 2010


I don't consider myself one of those women who absolutely loves being pregnant. I mean, sure I enjoy it enough. I love as my tummy begins to grow and being able to wear cute shirts that show it off. I do love getting to feel the baby move around in there, especially as he gets bigger and I can feel actual little limbs slide across compared to just the little flutterings inside. It's special, and I am more than grateful that I get to experience it and bear children, but I am grateful for when it's over too.

Some things I am looking forward to:
  • The almost-instant relief of not having to pee constantly
  • Hugging/lying beside my husband without having a huge barrier between us
  • Letting my daughter jump on my stomach and hug me without a huge barrier between us
  • Sleeping! Oh how I'm looking forward to sleeping. I know this may sound silly because I'll be up a lot at night and tired with a newborn and toddler, but I am so uncomfortable at night now that even getting a few hours in at a time will be more than I'm getting now.
  • No heartburn.
  • Getting into shape. I love that this baby is being born in the spring. I think it's motivating me even more to get active once he's out. I know I'll need to take it easy at first, but I am so excited to start exercising (even walking without pelvic pressure) again!
  • The sweet peace a newborn brings into our home.
  • Watching the relationship grow between our daughter and son and seeing her reaction to having a new member of our "FAMLY" - This she says as we all hug and kiss.
It's such an exciting, yet nerve-wrecking time for us! I think I've just over-thought the entire birthing experience and the pain that comes with it. I'm just going to take it easy and 'come what may and love it' - whether that means I choose to get an epidural or not. We'll see how everything plays out time-wise. Mr. B is encouraging me to walk and do jumping jacks (yeah, right!) so that the little guy (yeah, we're still not set on a name) will come early. He is really, really hoping the big day will come before his semester starts (on the 20th - a week before my actual due date). I'm just hoping everything goes rather quickly (but slow enough for me to get to the hospital (that's what Mr. B is afraid of - we live five minutes from it), no matter when it happens.

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