Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting it done.

A week ago I wrote about how overwhelmed I was... and yet, I did nothing to tackle the list I made in my head to help me feel more prepared. But after yesterday's doctor's appointment and hearing my doctor say I'll most likely have this baby in the next two weeks (quite possibly next weekend), I realized the urgency that needs to take place in my preparations.

So... what did I do?

Finally, I got together a hospital bag and washed, washed, washed baby boy clothes. I cannot even tell you how blessed we feel for all that we have for this little boy without having to pay a penny. (It made spending all that money on 270 diapers for him that much easier). So much has been given to us, and we are so, so grateful. He definitely will not be going naked or wrapped in girl-colored blankets.

It feels good to finally feel like I have a handle on this. Of course, I can't control when this babe is going to come, but I can be ready to walk (or run, screaming) out the door when he does.

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