Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Book #7 & #8: The Prairie Prince and Love Me

I was first introduced to "Mar-see-uh's" books last summer from my friend, Kim. I was a little hesitant because she said they were romance books. I'd never read a romance book, and frankly, I didn't think I'd ever want to, but she said they were really, really, really good and CLEAN romance books. So... I caved in and tried one (An Old-Fashioned Romance).

And do you know what? I couldn't put it down! It really was really, really, really good. So I borrowed another one, Shackles of Honor, and I couldn't put that one down either! I loved them both for the fact that they were happy endings. I hate watching a love movie only to find out the way I wanted it to end doesn't happen. With Ms. McClure's books, you pretty much always know how they are going to end. So yes, they're very predictable and maybe some might think that's a waste of reading, but she does always throw something in there that takes it off course and makes you wonder for a few pages. And I love me a good happy ending to any story.

I didn't read anymore because after those two and literally not wanting to do anything but read them til they were done, I decided to take a break. Then Kim moved away (as all our friends seem to do before us), and I started reading again but different books... until this week.

One of Mr. B's co-workers was reading Shackles of Honor for like the 6th time one night and asked him to ask me if I had ever heard of this author. The next week she sent home a huge bag of books for me to borrow, some by Marcia Lynn McClure and others by similar authors.
This week (actually it was just one day is all) I read The Prairie Prince. It was a great love story, and it definitely had something that mixed things up in there. I was really distraught for a few pages with how I thought things were going to play out. But once again, she didn't disappoint, and it ends great. (Sorry to ruin it for you... but really, it's not ruined all that much.) Oh, and I really love how she includes epilogues at the end of her stories. I always wish I could know more about how the characters ended up, etc., and it always pleases me to get this last little piece to the puzzle to their lives.

I'm now reading Love Me.
Yes, this title sounds very cheesy, and this cover looks even cheesier. That's what I was thinking as I opened it up and started (not really thinking I'd like it) reading about a silly little high school crush. How dumb, right? But about five pages into it, I was hooked, and now I don't want to put it down. I'm sure I'll be finished with it here in the next day or so and onto some new authors from that bag of books loaned to me! Oh, and the other great thing about Marcia Lynn McClure's books are that they really are fast reads. They are shorter stories so it really doesn't take long to get through one, which is nice if you're just wanting something simple.


  1. I so wish we still lived there so I could read those all after you! I love books like that!! (But your right, that last one DEFINITELY looks cheesy!!) :)