Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 mommy must-haves

These are wonderful kid-cleaner-uppers. I always try to keep a couple on hand for misplaced crayon marks, etc. Not to mention, they're great for cleaning the bathroom too.

I never saw this little gem of a sleeper when our daughter was born, but I saw it flipping through a magazine just a couple weeks before our son came along. I am so glad we decided to get it because it really has been perfect for us. It's light and easy to move around, and it folds up if you ever need to go anywhere. He can sleep right beside me in this, and it's inclined so no worries about spitting up and choking. I love it!

An upset baby tummy's best friend. I love that this is all natural and can cause a tummy-troubled baby almost instant relief. Seriously. Works like magic. We used it with our daughter quite a bit because she was one hard girl to burp. It always soothed her. And so far, I've learned that greasy fish'n'chips and chocolate ice cream don't agree with the little man's tummy, but this does. I will always have this on hand with a new infant.

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