I love goals. I love lists.
So, of course when I found out about Day Zero, I knew it was an absolute must for me.

The task? Complete 101 goals in 1001 days.

I'm always saying things I want to do, followed by a "someday," but why not just do them? I have so many advantages to doing so many of my goals with where we are at right now in life. Now I have a realistic time line to get them done in. I'm so excited!

This list was started today, August 19, 2010 and is scheduled to finish May 17, 2013.
(I'll make sure to come back and mark them off as I get them completed.)

1. Create a home planner
2. Make a budget and stick to it
3. Read 50 new books
4. Attend the temple more regularly

5. Create a family mission statement

6. See a movie in 3D
7. Go horseback riding
8. Ride the STP bike race (to Centralia)
9. Find more humor in life

10. Get family pictures taken

11. Go golfing with my husband
12. Run a 5K race
13. Don't complain about anything for a day
14. Grow my hair out
15. Dance with my children in the rain
16. Build a snowman every winter
17. Be a secret Santa to someone
18. Give away more goodies at Christmas
19. Plan out meals for three consecutive months
20. Make sure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed for 21 days
21. Do water aerobics again
22. Make sushi
23. Print out my blog for each year I've done it
24. Make a quilt
25. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
26. Plan and go on a family vacation
27. Have regular date nights for a month
28. Get a massage
29. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
30. Wear more jewelery
31. Go to bed at 10 p.m. every night for a week straight
32. Learn a song on guitar
33. See a drive-in movie
34. Study Spanish every day for a month
35. Host a tea party
36. Share my faith with a stranger
37. Organize my cookbooks and recipes
38. Sew another skirt
39. Eat sushi (other than California rolls)
40. Document (at least) one happy moment every day for a month
41. Go rollerskating
42. Make my bed everyday for a month
43. Read a classic book
44. List the things I'm grateful for
45. Do a treasure hunt with my children
46. Kiss my husband first thing every morning for a month
47. Pay off the van
48. Save all my change for a year
49. Make dinner for my family every night for a month
50. Go fishing
51. Go hiking
52. Eat a meal inside a blanket fort
53. Eat at a Thai restuarant
54. Go floating
55. Do a zumba class
56. Do a cycling class
57. Get Avie swimming lessons
58. Take a digital photography editing class
59. Go canoeing
60. Make a list of 50 songs that I love and make me happy to listen to
61. Write 5 letters to 5 people who changed my life
62. Bear my testimony (at least) once a year in sacrament meeting
63. Let my daughter take the lead for a day
64. Dance with my husband in the rain
65. Have my makeup done at a makeup counter
66. Bake a perfect loaf of bread
67. Learn how to play a song on the harmonica
68. Remember 11:11 on 11/11/11 (I'll be 25!)
69. Make 72-hour kits for the family
70. Play basketball a few times with my husband
71. Finish reading the BoM cover to cover
72. Take a yoga class
73. Print off and hang up wedding pictures
74. Make and give away more homemade gifts
75. Add to our emergency fund
76. Tell my husband the things I appreciate about him more often
77. Take a digital photography class (again!)- Oh know, this is a repeat...I better think of something else.
78. Make a video of my daughter's first years
79. Play in mud puddles with my children
80. Get CPR certified
81. Exercise five days a week for an entire month
82. Organize and do something with old photos
83. No sweets for a month
84. Throw out all old clothes I don't wear anymore
85. Be a more thrifty shopper
86. Dance with my husband more often
87. Sell another big-ticket item on eBay (this time the right way!)
88. Read the Declaration of Independence
89. Call my dad at least once a month for a year
90. Stay awake for all sessions of a General Conference
91. Floss my teeth once a day for a month
92. Make a play car mat for my son
93. Make a play cape for my daughter
94. Get up early enough to read/ponder/plan my day before the kids wake up every day for a month
95. Have our home cleaned when my husband gets home every day for a month
96. Do a fancy lunch with my children
97. Go on an overnighter with my husband (no kids!)
98. Stay at least one night in Walla Walla
99. Define and realize my decor style (start an ideas folder)
100. Keep track of and remember important dates

101. Potty train my daughter