Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Preschool time, almost!

Ever since my little boy was born, I feel I've been lacking in the teaching department with my little girl. I feel like I used to be a lot better about taking advantage of one-on-one time with her and really trying to teach her in one way or another no matter what we were doing. And now that I feel like I sort of have a handle on this whole two-kid thing, I'm ready to get my act together and start really teaching her again. I'm going to start doing "preschool" with her.

Of course it won't be real preschool since she only is two, but I want to have a block of time set aside at least a couple times a week for "school." I'm really excited about this and think it will be a good thing for her in all kinds of ways.

I've found some helpful Web sites. But I'm also open to any and all suggestions and ideas. Feel free to share, please!

Learn to Read with phonics
Preschool Express (Probably my favorite!)
First School
Let's Play - weekly activities for the 2nd year
Everything Preschool

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