Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Haircut

So this morning we (well, Mr. B had the clippers. I had the camera.) gave our baby boy his first haircut.

Being completely against boys' curls my whole life (ya know, those toddler curls that mothers just don't want to cut), I now understand why mothers are hesitant to let them go. My baby's hair was maybe two inches, and I still had a hard time, even though even I thought it was too long.

Mr. B was not going to back down though. This is his SON, for crying out loud. He gets haircuts, and his hair will be short.

I was having a mini freak out - "What did you do? What are you doing? Oh, he looks so different! He's not my baby anymore!" while scurrying around, grabbing for the cutoff locks to save for a not-even-put-together-yet baby book.

And it got me to thinking (after telling a friend who thought I was absurd)... do other people do this? I had some saved from my first haircut. Is my family just weird, or is this the norm?

Please. Do share.


  1. We have given Tay a few haircuts in his short life and i still get nervous everytime!! It definitely get easier but still nerve-wrenching. And its totally the norm to keep least thats what my family and hyrums family did at least. I have some of kylas and tayvens!

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  3. I kept Bryen's hair from his first hair cut. I alot of parents do it.

  4. Hey!! Is this your only blog?? I would love to see more pics of your little ones!! If you do have another blog I'd love to be a regular! Email me,

    And, I totally haven't cut Madi's hair yet. Not even a little. I know she's a girl, but it breaks my heart thinking someday I'll have to cut her baby locks... I understand your sadness. And no way, it's not weird to save hair from his first haircut! I've got my first haircut hair in a baggy in my baby book, it's way fun!

  5. I saved Lincoln's first hair cut. But he didn't have much hair back then, so it's only one little curl. I think we cut it off at your house if I am remembering right. Jackson is so handsome - I bet he looked so handsome with his first hair cut.