Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleaning Challenges

Keeping my home clean is not my forte. I really have to work at it. Sometimes I am really on, and it stays clean all week, and sometimes it's the complete opposite. What I have found that works for me, though, is to clean as I go. If I put things away and wipe up messes as I'm cooking, the end result is much better and much less overwhelming. Also, if I get to work as soon as my children are in bed, taking 10-15 minutes right then (before sitting down and taking a break) I am much more likely to get my home in order before going to bed.

My biggest challenge is our bedroom. The rest of the house I can keep company-ready most of the time, but it seems everything is pushed to our bedroom, and it stays in chaos for weeks, and I feel like the door always has to be closed so no one will see. Since I am trying really hard to keep the rest of the place in order because of the holidays, my challenge is to clean our room and keep it that way so it can be a room we actually can enjoy and feel peaceful in.

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