Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

Good thing I like rainstorms!

I seriously feel like I have weeks at a time that are completely free, and I'm wishing to fill them up with more, and then there are weeks that come, like this one, where I feel like I can't possibly fit another thing in.

Not only do I have my regular Nursery lesson to plan out for Sunday, but I am in charge of the Sharing Time lesson as well, which I have never done before, nor even sat in and watched (since I've been in this calling), so I really have no idea what I am doing. My visiting teaching is set up for tomorrow. I have a meeting at work tomorrow evening too. We are also having a Primary presidency meeting Saturday.

I know it's not really that many things, but each one of these things need to be given a lot of thought, planning and creativity, and when I don't get much time for myself during the day, it leaves me feeling stressed and overwhelmed come nighttime.

The good news is that my hubby finishes up his last OChem test (ever!) tomorrow, and will be home to give me some time to work on some things.

(And don't tell me I had an extra long time to prepare since this past weekend was General Conference... I know that. I should have been planning a week ago, but somehow I just didn't get to these things before now!)

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