Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am Mother.

My life is not glamorous.
Most days I am covered in snot and tears by the time I'm ready for bed.
My house is more often messy than clean.
My dishes are more often sitting in the sink than in the cupboards.
And my laundry is never caught up with.

Most nights I wake up at least once.
And my wake-up time rarely passes 7 a.m.
I'm constantly changing dirty diapers.
And I drive a minivan.

And I chose this?


I chose this.

Most days the tears and snot just mean I had a crying child who wanted comfort.
A messy home just means we got too busy and too tired to pick up after ourselves.
The dishes in the sink mean we've had enough to eat,
and the laundry means we definitely have enough clothes.

Many times those sleepless nights allow me a few moments of peace.
And the early wake-up time often means I get to wake up to my children giggling or one crawling in and snuggling right next to me.
The dirty diapers mean my baby is healthy,
and well, I actually really love my minivan.

I am a Mother.
And I would not trade it for anything.

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