Monday, November 4, 2013


I've been hard on myself lately - 

all these pathetic thoughts of not being good enough, not doing enough good, not doing enough right - but mot especially not being a good enough mom.

Cue my good husband. 
As I was venting to him one night and becoming even more discouraged, he gave me a pep talk:

Think about it, Gena. That's Satan. He's trying to get you down with these negative thoughts. He's not going to get you with drinking or anything like that. You won't do it. You go to church. You keep your covenants. You are so good! He has to get to you through these thoughts. You need to think positive. Will you do that tomorrow?


I wrote this first part back in September when I was feeling this way and guess I never finished... Life is interesting with all the ups and downs to help us learn and grow.

Spencer was absolutely right that night and just hearing what he said was all I needed to get out of that funk. I made a decision that next day to be happy, and it was one of the best days (best weeks) I had had in awhile as far as my attitude goes, and I've been trying to carry it over ever since.

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