Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stickin' to it!

It really is amazing how much I can get done when I just put my mind to it and work. Just in the last hour, I've done the dishes, put in my fourth load of laundry for the day (our dryer was broken over the weekend so I got behind), cleaned the counters, mopped the kitchen AND cleared off our bed. It was FULL of clothes and laundry from my organizing rampage in there today. I never thought I'd be going to bed with it all FOLDED and PUT AWAY tonight, but I AM!

This may be really easy for a lot of people but not me. (I guess getting distracted while cleaning runs in the family?) The weird thing is I have no problem cleaning other people's places - just my own. Anyway...

I read in a magazine once that if you just take 15 minutes to tackle a project - the dishes, laundry, sorting a file or box, picking up, etc. - you can get a lot more done than you thought, and the task doesn't seem as daunting as if you were to think you have to do the ENTIRE project right then. Go figure, right?

Well, I've put that into practice lately, and it really does work... and it's amazing how much more I want to keep working after that 15 minutes is up. I love having a clean house, especially a clean house that smells good (thank you Scentsy).

I especially love waking up to a clean house in the morning, knowing I can spend the day doing the things I want to do and not feeling guilty if I push the little miss aside because I'm trying to get something done (that could've been done while she was sleeping). Yes, it's great to feel like I am in control of my home instead of it nagging at me every minute in the day when I'm not tending to it!

Welcome, Welcome Wednesday morning!


  1. I love the thought of taking 15 minutes to tackle a project. I'm going to try it!

  2. Yup. Whenever I put Kaden down for a nap, I tell myself that I have to clean for 10 minutes before doing anything else. Sometimes it's more (depending on the state of chaos our place is in). It really does make a HUGE improvement in the home.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to add something else. Sometimes the apartment is already pretty clean when putting Kaden down for a nap but I make an effort to find something that could organized. I tackel Kaden's toy box, my craft drawers, the pantry, storage, our closet, etc...things that no one else would even notice other than myself. But even cleaning out the desk drawer makes a big difference in how your home feels.