Friday, June 24, 2011

Being still

Just be still.

This evening we took ourselves to the little park nearby.
It's one of our favorites because it's secluded and quiet and mostly, because we can roam around like we own the place.

We raced, slid, swung, climbed and chased birds (Jack's favorite).

I needed this, I think, as much as the kids today.
We've been keeping busy and doing lots of fun things, but it's been awhile since we've just had some calm time together to be still (even if we weren't really still), if that makes any sense.

While the kids played, I was able to just watch and listen,
instead of worrying about where they may or may not be if I can't see them, or falling off toys, or walking in front of someone on the swings.
(I never thought a playground would cause me such anxiety!)

I guess I mean I was able to really just focus on my children with no other distractions, and it made me realize how little I've done that lately.

My babies are growing up so quickly.

My little girl got her acceptance letter for preschool in the fall this week. She also mastered buckling up her car seat and no longer wants my help (of course, I check it!) She rides her bike with very little trouble and doesn't want me to keep my hand ready at any moment anymore, and her conversations are sounding more and more grown-up all the time.


My little boy climbs the stairs up to the slide like he's three already.
(Thankfully, he still doesn't mind when I swoop him up and have him go down on my lap). He feeds himself unbelievably well with a spoon, and he feels completely comfortable walking really far away from me (for being one) in public areas.

Please, can time just slow down a little?
They are growing up way too fast.

- - -

Once at home, we made homemade barbeque chicken pizza, bathed the kids and watched Cars.
All tuckered out, they went to bed like little angels.

Then, moments after Spencer got home for lunch break, Avie puked and came crying out of her room. We cleaned everything up, and then she just laid in my arms until eventually she crawled to the floor and fell asleep. I set up a little bed for her at the side of my bed where she is sleeping soundly now. Such is life!

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