Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pride & Prejudice


When I graduated three years ago, my goal was to start reading a book a month. To encourage me in this goal, my doting husband gifted me with a copy of Pride and Prejudice.

However, after three years of reading textbooks, it was the last book I wanted to read. That formal, old, English it was written in was so hard for me to understand, and my mind was not ready for that daunting of a book.

I did get into reading other books, though, and I was enjoying reading again very much. Still, I wanted to read Pride and Prejudice. Every so often I would pick it up but not be able to get past the first few pages before putting it down again.

I figured it just wasn't for me - no matter how much of a classic it was.

I love the movie (the 2005 version with Kiera Knightly) and had seen it recently on TV, so the story was on my mind. Saturday I decided to try it again, and this time I could not put it down. I finally enjoyed it and the story was fresh enough in my mind, that if the language started to get to me, I just slowed down and read the paragraph again, soaking up up every detail and description of those characters and events.

I finished it last night. I loved it. I am so excited to watch the movie again (this time to longer version) to have the story replayed another time in my mind. It just makes me so happy. Call me cheesy, but I come off reading books like these thinking, "I love LOVE!" and secretly wishing I could have lived back in the day to experience circumstances such as those.

Can't wait to get my hands on another Jane Austen novel! (But first I think I am going to read The Helpsince it's all the rage right now.) 

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