Thursday, June 14, 2012

A quiet-me moment

Yesterday we spent the morning going up to Salt Lake to get Spencer a copy of his birth certificate and then waiting in the car (for TWO hours... If I had only known...) for him to get his Utah driver's license, required for his work. Then we drove him back down to work. Even though it was crazy busy, it was nice to actually get a little time to all be together. 

This job makes him one of those crazy business men, who is always getting phone calls and working long hours. But we know it's nothing long term and is totally worth it if he can make some good money and we can get some debts paid of this year.

Anyway, by the time we got back, we just needed to get out and play so we headed to the splash pad again. We played til the kids were ready to be done, and then walked to the little park down the street. No one else was there. It had a perfect breeze and was nice and quiet. I was about to go sit close and play with the kids when I decided, "No... I'm going to stay right here." So I laid out my towel, put another one behind my head so I could still see the kids and I just laid back, and I think for the first time in a week, actually took a deep breath and relaxed. It was so nice.

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