Monday, August 20, 2012


Tonight we went out to the pool for some family swim time. I sat on the side and watched as the kids and Spencer swam. Despite what we've been dealing with lately, I honestly sat there thinking, 
"Life is so good, so sweet."
It really is. (Just look at those pictures.)
It can be hard. 
We are tested and tried and sometimes it really hurts, and things happen that just.really.suck. 
But because of our Faith, we can have peace, and we can get through the hard times. 
We are here to have experiences to help us learn and grow and become the best that we can become.
We are given trials to help shape us into the people we need to be.
It's comforting to know that we won't ever be given anything we can't handle.
Though, sometimes it seems we can't.
But if we just keep pushing on and praying and hoping, things will turn around and get better again... until the next trial comes.
But that's what life is all about- so that we can grow and progress.

And despite the trials we may be going through, life can still be so good and sweet because we really are so blessed. Heavenly Father really does want us to be happy and amidst the heartache and tears, he allows us to have good lives, full of people who love us and things to smile about.


  1. I love reading this after sweet Eden is now here. Sometimes we have trials and they don't make any sense, but when we endure them we are blessed. We're always so blessed. You're an amazing woman!

  2. Sweet you all...