Sunday, November 4, 2012

Answered prayers

Last week we met up with Amiee and her kids at the fun Discovery Park close by. Jack brought his blue metal airplane. He eventually found some branches that he kept dragging around, sweeping wood chips and sand with and then played in the sand awhile too. It was time to go home, we said goodbye and hopped in the van. Once back at home, we parked and hopped out of the van. No airplane! Doh! I didn't even think to ask him about it before we left the park.

He was so sad when he realized he didn't have it with him. I asked the kids if they thought Heavenly Father would help us find it if we said a prayer and asked for help. They both said yes, so we prayed. All the while, I was praying myself that we'd be able to find it in that huge park and that no other kid had already picked it up.

I immediately got the feeling to look in the sand. (I can't help but think that this was just as much for me.)

We parked and first looked in the volcano, right close to us. No luck. I suggested we head to the sand area next. Sure enough, there it was upside down, halfway covered. I asked Jack again, if he thought Heavenly Father would help him find his airplane because he knows how much it means to him. He shook his little head up and down. I helped direct him to wear the airplane was, and his face lit up as soon as he noticed it. He was so happy! And I was even happier because our prayer was answered and the children witnessed it.


A day later Avie came to me crying because she couldn't find her pink princess brush. I asked her if she thought to pray for it. She said no. I asked her if she thought Heavenly Father could help her find it, and she said yes. She offered a sweet simple little prayer asking for help to find her beloved brush. We said amen and went into her room, and there it was sitting on top of one of her many purses filled with treasures. She was beyond happy, and I said Heavenly Father helped us didn't he? And she said, "Yes, because He knows I love my brush!"


I am so grateful for these simple, but meaningful experiences with my children.

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