Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be positive

I've been thinking about a couple comments from this past weekend - one my mom said, the other a lady at church.

I can't remember what we were talking about, but my mom got to saying how her life has been so good and she really can't complain about anything because it hasn't been a hard life.

Then at church on Sunday a lady in Relief Society made a comment about turning 50 this week and how she looks back on her past 50 years and realizes how negative she's been because she's had such a hard life. She got married a week ago and said she doesn't want her next 50 years to be like the first 50 so she wants to focus on the positive and be happy about her life.

Those two comments just made me think a lot about how it really comes down to our own attitude.

I think some people could take a look at my mom's life and think it's been hard: her parent's divorced when she was a young adult, her husband turned out to not quite be the man she thought she knew, they eventually divorced, her children have caused her heartache and grief, her second husband died way sooner than he ought to of and she was practically forced to go from teaching 2nd grade to special ed. ....

That's some hard stuff to go through, and yet I've never even thought about it all in one lump sum like this until now because my mom has never dwelled on the negative. Because of some of those trials came also some of her greatest blessings and personal growth. She has always decided to make the best of her situation, even though it hasn't  always been easy.

She's always had the idea that everything happens for a reason and more recently, "come what may and love it." It's not just things she's preached to me growing up but I've learned because of her example and the way she handles herself in hard times.

I am so grateful for her great example of faith and endurance and positivity. It's a great blessing to me.

I love you, Mom!

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